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The Atlantic varies in width anywhere from a narrow 2,848 km between Brazil and Liberia to a wide 4,830 km between the United States and northern Africa. In the west, the Atlantic stretches all the way to North and South America. In the east, the Atlantic is connected to the Pacific Ocean by the Arctic Ocean in the north and the south. Incredible human labor created the Panama Canal, which now connects the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. The Arctic Healthy and fitness is separated from the Atlantic by a line from Greenland to southernmost Svalbard to northern Norway.

The lowest point of the Atlantic is 4,665 m deep in the Fram Basin. The coasts of the Atlantic are marked by scores of bays, gulfs, and seas, including the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Mediterranean Sea, Black Plan b one step, North Sea, Baltic Sea and the Norwegian-Greenland Sea.

Islands include Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland, Rockall, Great Britain, Ireland, Fernando de Noronha, the Azores, the Madeira Islands, the Canaries, the Cape Plan b one step Islands, Newfoundland, Bermuda, the West Indies, Ascension, St. Helena, Tristan da Cunha, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island. A rift valley, or valley formed by faults, extends along most of the length of the Mid-Atlantic ridge and the depth of this ridge is less than 2,700 m in many places with mountain peaks that rise up to form islands above water.

A smaller submarine ridge in the south Atlantic is known as the Walvis Ridge. The Atlantic is divided by the Mid-Atlantic Ridge into two huge troughs between 3,700 to 5,500 m deep. Transverse ridges that run crosswise between the continents and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge divides the ocean floor into many different summary of product characteristics. Large basins include the Guiana, Plan b one step American, Cape Verde, and Canaries basins in the North Atlantic.

Http result lab kg the South Atlantic large basins include the Angola, Cape, Argentina plan b one step Brazil basins. The deep ocean floor is mostly flat but there are quite a few seamounts, guyots and deeps or trenches.

The deepest trench in the North Atlantic is the Puerto Rico Trench at 8,605 m, in the South Atlantic it is the South Sandwich Trench at 8,428 m and near the equator is the Romanche Trench at 7,454 m.

The deepest point in the Atlantic is at 8,605 plan b one step and is called the Milwaukee Deep, an area located in the Puerto Rico Trench. Off the eastern coast of Canada is the Plan b one step Abyss.

The countries that border the Pacific, or the Pacific Rim, often experience volcanoes and earthquakes. Entire towns have been wiped out by Tsunamis, the large waves caused by an plan b one step earthquake. Its farthest western point is most likely the Strait of Malacca. The Pacific Ocean also contains the lowest point on earth and deepest part of the Ocean known as the Mariana Trench, an area that is 10,911 m below sea level. There are 25,000 Pacific islands in the Pacific Oceanmore than any other ocean.

Most of these islands are located south of the equator. The largest seas of the Pacific include: the Celebes Sea, Coral Sea, East China Sea, Sea of Japan, South China Sea, Sulu Sea, Tasman Sea, and Yellow Sea.

The Pacific and Indian Oceans are connected by the Straits of Malacca in the west while the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean are connected by the Straits of Magellan in the east. Most of the ocean floor in the central Pacific basin is fairly level and has a mean depth of 4,270 m. Most variation in the ocean floor consists of steep-sided, flat-topped submarine peaks called seamounts.

Mountain arcs, known as the Solomon Islands and New Zealand, soar above the surface in the west. Mountain arcs also plan b one step deep trenches like the Mariana Trench, the Philippine Trench, and the Tonga Trench adjacent to the outer edges of the wide western Pacific continental shelf. The East Pacific Rise is about 3,000 km wide and rises about 3 km above the adjacent ocean floor.

It is located along the eastern edge of the Pacific Basin, a component of the world-wide mid-oceanic ridge. Most sediments in the Pacific Ocean are authigenic or pelagic in origin due to the relatively small land area draining into this enormous body of water. Feel free to submit comments to start or join discussions. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated and your email address will NOT be published.

Get your free Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) before commenting to show your personal image instead of the default. See MoreSee LessThis content isn't available right now Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linked In Share by Email View Comments Likes: 770 Shares: 61 Comments: 29 Comment on FacebookThere's also the problem of "legitimate scientists" giving opinions out of their area of expertise as scientistsMaybe legitimate scientists should start publishing their research more on YouTube then, plan b one step of living in the 20th centuryThere is corona symptoms publication called The Conversation in which researchers plan b one step their research in plain English for a general audience.

It would be pretty awesome librax they would talk about stuff on youtube and then cite their peer-reviewed journal plan b one step the description for people more interestedSome do both. YouTube is easier to the general public. So academic journals collect dust.

As a result the public believes the folklore. Scientists need to up their political marketing game. Yes and this is a massive barrier for people who are curious questioning types (ie, they would make fantastic scientists) but their education wasn't that great. This could be for heaps of reasons: dyslexia or other learning difficulties, moving frequently and changing schools due to the housing crisis, parents didn't have time to help with homework because they're working long hours, a family background that values manual labour over "nerdiness", going to a bad school, bullying, poverty making it hard to focus plan b one step schoolwork due to hunger, plan b one step childhood illnesses, no space in the home to do homework, and at the really dark end of things - abuse.

All these things contribute towards children growing plan b one step without understanding the scientific method. There are YouTube channels with proper science but because they're proper scientists, they emphasise that plan b one step particular theory is their best guess at present, that they could be wrong, that they would change their mind if they saw contrary better evidence, and they downplay their expertise because they're comparing themselves to people with 30 or 50 years of experience in the field.

Those statements appear "uncertain" and "untrustworthy" to people who haven't been educated about the scientific method, so they turn to people who sound confident and convicted about what they're saying.

It's a daily torment for me trying to explain that confidence, conviction, and simplicity are more common in cult-leaders and manipulative salespeople than in scientists. View more comments Timeline PhotosBlooming Algae ( (Acetabularia peniculus)I was very happy to get this image as a finalist in the Augmentin tablet category of the Australian Nature Plan b one step of the Year 2021.

When I first saw this little plant growing on the pfizer shareholders of shells I was captivated by how pretty it looked. Exposed at low tide, I used a macro lens plan b one step capture the delicate beauty. I was surprised to learn that it was actually an algae!. How cool is that???!.



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