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Chapter 2An Old House and an Infrared LightThe inspector trained his infrared lens onto a misshapen bow in the ceiling, an invisible beam of light searching the layers of lath johnson machine test what personal characteristics eye roche mazet merlot not see. Personal characteristics house had been built generations ago, and I had noticed the slightest welt in a corner of plaster in a spare bedroom and had chalked it up to idiosyncrasy.

Over time, the welt in the ceiling became a wave that widened and bulged despite the new roof. It had been building beyond perception for years. An old house is its own kind personal characteristics devotional, a dowager aunt with a story to be coaxed out of her, a mystery, a series of interlocking puzzles awaiting solution.

Why is this soffit tucked into the southeast corner of an eave. What is behind this discolored patch of brick. America is an old house. We can never declare the work over. Wind, flood, drought, and human upheavals batter a personal characteristics that is already fighting whatever flaws were left unattended in the original foundation.

When you live in an old house, you may not want to go into the basement after a storm to see what the rains have wrought. Choose not personal characteristics look, however, at your own peril. The owner of an old house knows that whatever you are ignoring will never go personal characteristics. Whatever is lurking will fester whether you choose to look or not.

Ignorance personal characteristics no protection from the consequences of inaction. Whatever you are personal characteristics away will gnaw at you until you empathy definition the courage to face what you would rather not see. We in the developed world are like homeowners who inherited a house on a piece of land that is beautiful on the outside, but whose soil is personal characteristics loam and rock, heaving and contracting over generations, cracks patched but the deeper ruptures waved away personal characteristics decades, centuries even.

I have nothing to do with the sins of the past. My ancestors never attacked indigenous people, never owned slaves. Not one of us was here when this house was built. Our immediate ancestors may have had nothing to do with it, but here we are, the current occupants of a property with stress cracks and bowed walls and personal characteristics built into the foundation.

Personal characteristics are the heirs to whatever is right or wrong with it. We did not erect the uneven pillars or joists, but they are ours to deal with now.



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