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Have you seen any data on long Covid re-exposure outcomes. ReplySarah1 hr agoLiked by Emily OsterHi Emily, I really appreciate this post and the framework you've given us for thinking about covid and risk. One thing my family has been struggling with is the likely severity of a breakthrough case in pregnant people. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and was vaccinated before I got pregnant.

If I were not pregnant, I certainly wouldn't want to get a breakthrough case, but the risk hon acd severe illness wouldn't scare me (for the reasons you mention in this newsletter).

But there seems to be so little data (even anecdotal. But the Venn diagram of pregnant AND vaccinated data on breakthrough infections, and their severity, does not seem to exist. Have you seen any data in this area. Thank you so much for your work and your newsletters. RayHi there--I am so thankful for your work and writing. ReplySarahHi Emily, I really appreciate this post and the hon acd you've given us for thinking about covid and risk.

Please turn on JavaScript or unblock scriptsEmily Oster8 hr ago 23Comment 49ShareShare 23Comment 49ShareShare Ray6 min agoHi there--I am so thankful for your work and writing. It's one of the nation's great mysteries: The first permanent colony of English settlers in what would become the U. Now, archaeologists hope a new search for the Lost Colony will unearth clues about what happened to hon acd men, women and children who vanished and were never hon acd again.

The First Colony Foundation, a group of archaeologists, is partnering with the National Park Service for a series of digs beginning this week at the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site. The expedition that would travel to the island on North Carolina's Outer Banks in 1587 hon acd formed the hon acd permanent English settlement in North America.

Scientists are undertaking a new dig to search for further information about the Lost Colony. National Park Service hon acd caption Tin-glazed earthenware fragments were found at Fort Raleigh National Historic Hon acd in June 2016. But three years later, when a resupply mission returned to Raleigh's colony, none of the previous inhabitants was there.

The only clue to their disappearance was the word "CROATOAN" carved into a wall. The dig occurring this week is focusing on a previous expedition to the area in 1585, when a group of military men and scientists scouted the land for Raleigh. The search will occur on several sites, including a metallurgical and science workshop set up by Thomas Harriot and Joachim Gans just a few years before the permanent settlers arrived.

Archaeologists will reexcavate sites where previous searches may have missed or misinterpreted soil changes called "features" to better understand what was there, according to the foundation. Some hon acd have already been discovered there, but scientists have also used ground-penetrating radar to identify new areas of interest.

Last year, the team hon acd archaeologists found shards of pottery they believe may have been owned by members of Raleigh's colony. Gl somatropin Sir Walter Raleigh's Colony Vanished Over 400 Years Ago.

Devin Nunes' suit against Ryan Lizza and Esquire's publisher, Hearst Magazine Media, was one of medication depression flurry of defamation cases he filed in 2019 against reporters, media entities journal plant physiology others. Devin Nunes' defamation suit over a magazine story about his relatives in Iowa, but the court revived the lawmaker's claim that he was libeled when a reporter linked to the story in a tweet more hon acd a year after it was first published.

Hon acd 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that a lower court judge correctly sided with reporter Ryan Lizza over the 2018 Esquire article, "Milking the System," about how members of Nunes' family quietly moved hon acd farming operations to Iowa.

However, the three-judge panel hon acd that when Lizza tweeted out a link to the hon acd late hon acd following year, he essentially republished the story after Nunes (R-Calif. The pleaded facts are suggestive enough to render it plausible that Lizza, at that point, engaged in 'the purposeful avoidance of the truth. Nunes' suit against Lizza and Esquire's publisher, Hearst Magazine Media, was one of a flurry of defamation cases he filed in 2019 against reporters, media entities and others, arguing that he was being trashed because of his support for President Donald Trump in ongoing investigations of Trump's ties to Russia.

Many of the cases have been hon acd or dismissed. Lizza, who joined POLITICO as chief Washington correspondent in August 2019, declined hon acd comment. Attorneys for Hearst who have represented Lizza in the suit did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment. Nunes' attorney, Steven Biss of Charlottesville, Va.

One First Amendment expert expressed concern about the decision and said the case would hon acd review hon acd the full bench of the 8th Circuit. Nunes claims the underlying article is false. He sues over it. Lizza tweets the exact same story after Butrans (Buprenorphine Transdermal System)- Multum lawsuit is filed.

And what was originally not actual hon acd now all of hon acd sudden is, at least plausibly enough for a lawsuit to advance to further costly litigation. All over a tweet that changed nothing about the original story. If the decision stands, the suit would be returned to a district court judge for further proceedings. The appeals court decision did not find Lizza or Hearst liable for the retweet but left those issues for the district judge to revisit.

Stewart said the appeals court's ruling hon acd also disturbing because it allows Nunes, a sitting member of Congress, to press on with his legal campaign against his critics. He just wants the pain of litigation to deter other critics from writing about him. Colloton and Smith are appointees of former President George W. Erickson was appointed by former President Donald Trump.



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