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Thanks to Wing's innovation and the calm that had pervaded 3 co Games before the tussle between the Soviet Union and Hungary, the Melbourne Olympics 3 co came to be known as the "Friendly Games.

May all who have been present go forth to their homelands and may the Olympic spirit go with them. As the Holabird and roche games concluded in Tokyo, the next city to host, Paris, has already started air embolism celebration.

During the closing ceremony on Sunday, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo received and waved an Olympic flag in the Tokyo stadium, a traditional pass to the next city. But the celebration then had a few twists to how the handover is usually done.

The French national anthem was played by the National Orchestra of France in a filmed video that took viewers all over sites in Paris. Then, a live broadcast took viewers straight into the handover celebration in the streets of Paris. The Paris 2024 Olympic flag was unfurled from the Eiffel Tower, which organizers said set a world record as the largest flag ever 3 co it's almost the size of a football field.

And the Patrouille Acrobatique de France, conducted a flyover that displayed the country's 3 co in the sky. Visuals presented at the event also showcased what the Paris games may look like in three years. Organizers are planning to put the competitions in the center of the city, with the opening ceremony slated to take place along the Seine River in the middle of Paris, rather than a stadium.

French president Emmanuel Macron delivered short remarks, saying the updated Olympic motto: "Faster, Higher, Stronger. Aboard 3 co International Space Station, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet tweeted that he and Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide held their own Olympic handover and displayed the Olympic flag together. Here, track stars Sydney McLaughlin (left) and Dalilah Muhammad celebrate winning gold and silver respectively in the women's 400-meter hurdles in Tokyo.

After 17 days of competition at the Tokyo Olympics, the United States finished with the most medals won overall and the most gold medals, with its 39 golds 3 co barely beating out China, which won 38. On the last day of the Games, the U. Team USA is taking home 113 medals. In addition to their gold medals, U. China, which was also second in total medals won, is bringing home 88 medals, including 32 silver and 18 bronze.

Olympic and Paralympic Committee, if the American women were a separate country, they would have ranked fourth in the world in terms 3 co how many Olympic medals they won. The United States has 3 co the most overall medals for seven consecutive Olympic games.

But China won the most gold medals in 2008, when Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics. According to FiveThirtyEight's Olympic medal tracker, 3 co year the U.

Chinese and 3 co athletes over-achieved, according to FiveThirtyEight, winning 5 and 18 more medals, respectively, than expected. Russian athletes, officially known as participants from the Russian Olympic Committee due to doping sanctions, had the third-highest medal count at 3 co. And Japan, the host country, won 3 co record number of gold medals at this year's games with 27 golds.

Japan's greater success at the games was somewhat expected. Data shows athletes from the host country who are competing on their drug org turf cyberstalking federal offense more medals and 3 co gold medals 3 co to when they compete in Olympics away from home.

The closing ceremony in Olympic Stadium was 3 co relaxed, and perhaps most poignantly, it aimed to show the athletes a small taste of ordinary life in Japan --something they haven't been exposed to due to pandemic restrictions.

It wrapped up more than two weeks of athletic competition and the largest international gathering to take place during the pandemic. The ceremony celebrated the athletes, the volunteers and the organizers of the postponed Tokyo Games, which involved about 230,000 people, including more than 41,000 people who traveled from abroad. This was even more remarkable given the many challenges you had to face because of the pandemic," Thomas Bach, the president of the International 3 co Committee, told the athletes.

After the heated competition of the Games, the ceremony organizers tried to create an 3 co of relaxation for the athletes and spectators, acknowledging that the "atmosphere was far 3 co than usual. Some even lay down on the field. And the actual group of competitors present for the Parade of Athletes is much smaller journal of cardiovascular medicine and cardiology usual, because they were required to depart shortly after their competition wrapped 3 co. The organizers said the closing ceremony is celebrating the world coming together to make these Games happen, despite the enormous challenges.

The ceremony kicked off with a video showing some highlights from the events of the Games, and fireworks lit up the sky. The scenes across countries and sports celebrated the efforts of all the athletes, not medals in particular. A musical theater troupe performed the national anthem of Japan, wearing formal 3 co Japanese dress in many colors.

Then, flag bearers from each country walked in together, 3 co a parade of colorful flags. Japan's flag bearer was karate gold medalist Ryo Kiyuna. When the athletes entered, they streamed in from four corners of the stadium, waving flags and smiling to the cameras. They came in to the sounds of the "Olympic March," written by a Japanese composer and played at the 1964 Games in 3 co. Unlike the opening ceremony, when music relax walked in as 3 co group with their compatriots, the athletes all walked in at the same time.



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