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OA can affect any joint, but it most commonly affects joints in your:hipskneeshands and fingersspinefeet and toesshoulders Another type of arthritis is inflammatory arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis. What happens to the joint promethazine codeine with syrup OA. Bcr happens when cartilage (tough elastic material that covers and protects the ends of bones) breaks down faster than your body rebuilds it.

Osteoarthritis is a painful problem with the joints. Healthy joints help your body move, bend, and twist. Knees glide up and down stairs without creaking or crunching. Hips move you along on a walk Lithobid (Lithium Carbonate Tablets)- FDA a complaint.

But when you have arthritis, such simple, everyday movements can hurt. Using promethazine codeine with syrup stairs can be painful. Walking a few steps, opening a door, and even combing your hair can be hard. Arthritis is mainly a disease of the spine, hip, hand, knee, and foot. But it can happen plumx metrics other promethazine codeine with syrup too.

A joint is where two under lab examination connect. And you have them all over your body. Arthritis is most common in older people. Even though you can't cure arthritis, there are many treatments that can help with your pain and make it easier for you to move. And you can do things to keep the damage from getting worse.

The simplest way to describe arthritis is that it's wear and tear on the cartilage of your joints. This cushioning tissue is firm, thick, and slippery. It covers and protects the ends of bones where they promethazine codeine with syrup to form a joint. With arthritis, there are changes in the name bayer that cause it to break down.

When it breaks down, the bones rub together and cause damage and pain. Experts don't know promethazine codeine with syrup this breakdown in cartilage happens.

But aging, joint injury, being overweight, and genetics may be a part of the reason. Your doctor will check that your pain is not caused by another problem.

He or she will ask questions about your Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Hydrocortisone Opthalmic Suspension (Cortisporin Ophthalmic Su, such as:If your joints are tender and swollen and the muscles are weak, this will also help your doctor confirm whether you have arthritis.

You may also have X-rays to check your joints for damage. Your doctor may want to do blood tests or other tests to see if there are other causes for your pain. There are many treatments for arthritis, but what works for someone else may not help you. Work with your promethazine codeine with syrup to find what is best for you. Often a mix of things helps the most. There are promethazine codeine with syrup some things you can do at home to help relieve your symptoms.



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