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This easily leads to insufficiency fractures. View Media Gallery Alterations in insulin-like growth factor-1, bone morphogenic protein, prostaglandin E 2, nitrous oxide, and leukotrienes Etiology Etiologically, osteoporosis is categorized as primary or secondary.

Prognosis The prognosis for osteoporosis is good if bone loss is detected in the early phases and proper intervention is undertaken. Lateral radiograph demonstrates multiple osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures. Kyphoplasty has been performed at one level.

Lateral radiograph of the patient seen in the previous image following kyphoplasty performed at 3 additional levels. View Media Gallery Patient Education Patient education is paramount in the treatment of osteoporosis. Clinical Presentation Porter JL, Varacallo M. Osteoporosis of the spine. Note the lateral wedge fracture in L3 and the central burst fracture in L5. The patient had suffered a recent fall. Asymmetric loss in vertebral body height, without evidence of an acute fracture, can develop in patients with osteoporosis.

These jose net become progressively kyphotic (as shown) over time, and the characteristic hunched-over posture of severe osteoporosis develops delante johnson. In kyphoplasty, a KyphX inflatable bone tamp is percutaneously advanced into the collapsed vertebral body (A).

It is then inflated, (B) elevating the depressed endplate, creating a central cavity, and compacting the remaining trabeculae to the periphery. Once the balloon tamp is deflated and withdrawn, the cavity (C) is filled under low pressure with a viscous preparation of methylmethacrylate farting and pooping. Osteoporosis is defined as a loss of bone mass below the threshold of fracture. The bone loss of osteoporosis can be severe enough to create separate farting and pooping "buttons" with no connection to the surrounding bone.

Inactive osteoporosis is the most common form and manifests itself without active osteoid formation. Osteoporosis that is active contains osteoid seams (red here in the Masson's trichrome).

This image depicts bone farting and pooping with farting and pooping resorbing one side of a bony farting and pooping and osteoblasts depositing new bone on the other side. Osteoclast, with bone below farting and pooping. In this image, several osteoblasts display a prominent Golgi apparatus and are actively synthesizing osteoid. This radiograph shows multiple vertebral crush fractures. Farting and pooping Government of Western Australia Department of Health.

Lateral spine farting and pooping depicting osteoporotic wedge fractures of L1-L2. Dual-energy computed tomography (CT) scan in a patient with involutional osteoporosis. Insufficiency fractures of the sacrum and the pubic rami are seen on an isotopic farting and pooping scan as a characteristic H, or Honda, sign (arrows), which appears as intense radiopharmaceutical uptake at the fracture sites. Schematic example of an early bone densitometer: the QDR-1000 System (spine scan).

This machine measures bone density to check for osteoporosis in the elderly and other vulnerable subjects.



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